help me!!

  1. W

    Windows 10 My disk is at 100% and idk why

    Hi my disk is at 100% at all times even after booting up. I dont know why it, but it started happening after creating a double boot for manjaro (linux). Please explain in detail I am not experienced with computers.
  2. J

    Windows 10 My taskbar is broke please help

    If you take a look at the screen shot below you can see that there is no taskbar below the internet app i have open so i cannot click on other apps i have on my task bar. If there is any help please help i really need it.
  3. Sofia

    Windows 10 We can't sign into your account [Microsoft]

    Hello, I'm sorry if there is a similar thread like this, but it seems that the fixes they recommend, unfortunately, doesn't work for me. Yesterday, I was using my Wacom Tablet, and it said that the Wacom Driver needs update, so I did. It said that after the installation, it will require a...
  4. RUDY03

    QBasic help....

    I'm pretty new to QBasic, and I have missed the classes in school concerning a) PRINT TAB b) END IF commands. I shall be very very grateful indeed, if someone would please urgently clear my doubts, by putting in the syntax of both commands separately and using example programs. P.S. I use...