1. gerryT

    Windows 10 What Does this green checkmark on my desktop applications mean?

    Link Removed I have theses green checkmarks on all the applications on my desktop and idk why. Has anyone seen this before?
  2. P

    New unidentified icon in system tray.

    The icon (see pix) has no description, no right click options, nothing. Anybody recognizes this? Looks like my computer slowed down so checking what is happening...
  3. aabu

    Actual icon is not showing when i search app on the start menu

    Default build in metro apps are ok. they are showing the actual icon when i search but new installing app from microsoft store is not showing their actual icon. what is wrong ? please help:)
  4. ussnorway

    Windows 10 How to remove Homegroup icon from desktop

    backgroup = I let Tabby install her Sims game and the EA spyware tried to scan my homegroup as part of its install... results in a homegroup icon being placed on the desktop steps to get rid of this icon; right click a blank bit of desktop and select "Personalise" goto themes and look for...
  5. W

    Windows 7 My default winrar icon disappeared

    i tried to follow some tutorials but i still can't manage it to get it back to default winrar icon it just looks like this now. Anyone has any idea how to put my icon back in there? So far i followed these tutorials but with no success... Icon Cache - Rebuild - Windows 7 Help Forums
  6. Amnesiac

    Windows 7 New behavior of Chrome icon

    As of a few days, there is a distinct and confusing change in the way Chrome runs or, rather, the way it is presented in the taskbar. I have made a few illustrations that hopefully explain what my issue is: Link Removed is this clear as mud? I keep forgetting that Chrome is already running...
  7. sethuniqueun

    Windows 10 Weird Icon continually generated on desktop

    Every time I log into my machine I have this icon on my desktop. I have a fresh install of windows 10 and this is the second time I have booted it up. I dont run any crazy weird software and only use this machine for work. I cant find anything online about it. "xxxmyIconxxx3undefined" is...
  8. Coouge

    Windows 10 Music thumbnail has white border on Windows 10.

    After upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10, I noticed the thumbnail from my music folder has this weird white border on all of my music. If you go inside the folder, the icon seems fine, but the folder has this weird white border inside the thumbnail. Link Removed I tried removing the...
  9. T

    Windows 8 Windows 8.1 icon problem

    I've just bought a new laptop with windows 8.1 installed. I had a PC, so I copied the Fonts folder in that PC and pasted into my new laptop. And then it happened (you can see down there, in the yellow and red circles; so are the arrows in the login screen and the apps list). In my opinion, that...
  10. LarsFalgren

    Windows 10 Icon + Skype and Steam Problem

    I'm havning all kinds of weird problems with the new windows on my gaming laptop, these are just the most annoying ones 1: Desktop icons: My icons wont use the rightside of the screen or the whole buttom line, so i have a really huge gap i cant fill cus they dont wanna go there, iv tryed no...