1. J

    Windows 10 icons problem

    I have problem with icon. If you know how to fih it, tell me how pease. If i open teamspeak it doesnt show TSicon. It shows icon from images.
  2. BuckyDK

    Icon spacing on desktop with small icons?

    I've set all my icons to small, but they're spaced so far that it still takes up too much real estate on my desktop. I've tried editing registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics = Iconspacing -500 but it didn't change anything.
  3. Soupertrooper64

    Windows 10 Desktop icons elongated and too big

    I have no clue what i did but now all my desktop icons are all huge and I have tried switching my resolution from 3840 x 2160 (native resolution) to 1920x1080 and back because it was suggested, I have tried messing with (ctrl + scroll wheel) to try and change the size, and I have also messed...
  4. G

    Windows 10 Cannot change Some Shortcut Icons

    Cannot change Icon on some shortcuts in windows 10. The [Change Icon...] button is greyed out. Other shortcuts work fine. Icon permissions "Allow" Full control for all users
  5. R

    Windows 10 The "This PC" icon disappeared, and I know how to fix it, by why did it?

    Spontaneously the "This PC" icon on my desktop (Windows 10), disappeared. I know how to fix it, and I did, but my question is why does that happen? I haven't done anything unusual lately. So I'm worried it's either the hard drive beginning to fail or a virus. What are some possible reasons...
  6. G

    Windows 10 W10 icons broken after Creators update

    I did the Creators update to W10 today, but now the icons on the desktop are goofed up – they cannot be positioned near the edges, and if you try to move them there, they jump into the screen instead about 2”. And on the bottom, they can’t be placed more than about ¼” from the taskbar, and...
  7. Fade

    Windows 10 How can I get my windows dekstop folder fixed?

    Usually when i have icons laying on my desktop i would access them through file explorer by clicking on the desktop on side bar, but when i go inside i see many icons but i don't see all the icons that laid out on my desktop. When i add new icons i usually see them but i don't all the time as...
  8. J

    Windows 7 Can't change icons on folders on imported disk in Windows 7

    I had a catastrophic failure, just created a new Windows 7 Ultimate system with very little installed. I attached a disk drive from the previous system that has data on it (it wasn't damaged). All files are accessible but I CANNOT CHANGE THE ICONS ON ANY OF THE FOLDERS. I've done all of the...
  9. D

    Windows 10 Icons not loading on startup

    Right now i am on windows 10 and when i boot up my computer, i log in but then the icons on my desktop will not load. All I see is my wallpaper and my taskbar. I cannot click anything on the taskbar but i can move my mouse around. I wait for about five minutes but nothing ever moves. I end up...
  10. G

    Windows 10 Taskbar, internet and OneDrive don't work

    Good day, community! One day I tried Groove to find my music and assigned it to search on :C, which gave me over 7k titles. So when I tried to change where it should search again, nothing happened, after which I decided to restart the pc to see if anything has changed. It has indeed. After the...
  11. O

    Windows 8 Custom Icons Recycle Bin

    OK, I firmly believe that the Windows Recycle Bin icons are fuggly. So, I want to change them. I've done it in the past with XP. I've also done it on this machine (Windows 8.1). Someone elsewhere said that I'd have to build a .dll file. What? Not the way I've done it before (both XP and 8). I...
  12. LarsFalgren

    Windows 10 Icon + Skype and Steam Problem

    I'm havning all kinds of weird problems with the new windows on my gaming laptop, these are just the most annoying ones 1: Desktop icons: My icons wont use the rightside of the screen or the whole buttom line, so i have a really huge gap i cant fill cus they dont wanna go there, iv tryed no...