Windows 10 Taskbar, internet and OneDrive don't work


Good day, community!
One day I tried Groove to find my music and assigned it to search on :C, which gave me over 7k titles. So when I tried to change where it should search again, nothing happened, after which I decided to restart the pc to see if anything has changed. It has indeed. After the restart, all the new app icons failed to show on the taskbar, cortana and the start menu don't start and the icons on the right like language or volume are unclickable. Also, neither Edge, ie, nor chrome will start up, whereas the internet works just fine, as I checked by playing a game of League of Legends. All the old programs like office or Skype seem to work, too. I tried everything I could find on the web, like numerous cmd commands and changing some options. Can't get into the new options app, though. My only possibility of running programs are the win+r combination and Windows explorer. Additionally, I now have to have admin rights to do literally everything, even creating a new folder on the desktop. Please help me, as the only thing I can think of now, is downgrading, which probably won't work either, since the options app doesn't work. Thanks for your time!