Windows 8 Custom Icons Recycle Bin


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OK, I firmly believe that the Windows Recycle Bin icons are fuggly.

So, I want to change them. I've done it in the past with XP. I've also done it on this machine (Windows 8.1). Someone elsewhere said that I'd have to build a .dll file. What? Not the way I've done it before (both XP and 8). I ran regedit.

When regedit opens the registry, you have to select an HKEY then navigate to which one to change. There are 2 keys dealing with the Recycle Bin icons. At the end of the key that you have to edit, you add a 0 on one and a 1 on. the other.

If you don't, the only way the icon on the desktop will change is if you refresh the desktop. Otherwise, you get 1 icon. that doesn't change when you put something in the bin.

I use a blank icon for an empty bin (all you see on the desktop is "Recycle Bin" and there's no icon. When I put something into the bin, the icon changes to a full moon.

What I've forgotten is just which keys I have to navigate to. Used to have a text file that told me, but lost it when Windows went postal. Text file is long gone. I've been:furious:for several days trying to remember. And don't.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.