Windows 10 Icon + Skype and Steam Problem


I'm havning all kinds of weird problems with the new windows on my gaming laptop, these are just the most annoying ones

1: Desktop icons: My icons wont use the rightside of the screen or the whole buttom line, so i have a really huge gap i cant fill cus they dont wanna go there, iv tryed no align to grid, but that isnt a sollution i accept, iv changed the icons size, didnt help,

2: Steam and Skype: it looks like steam and skype are zoomed in like they are running 800/640 resolution, i can normaly see 10 times more of the program but not now,

Linked some pics of my problems


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The Steam pic dosnt look so bad but its 10 times worse on my screen if u could see how big it is,

its like the text of both skype and steam are all smudged up, and the pop ups from both programs are HUGE!