1. Axel PC

    GoG and Steam pros and cons.

    I used to be a big PC gamer back in the Windows XP days. But with the GoG and Steam sales right now I'm really tempted to buy some PC games. Back in the Windows XP days DRM was such a big deal. Sometimes it caused problems on your computer. Or you couldn't play it on a new computer that you...
  2. Toth

    Windows 10 PC Crashes on Steam or High Workload

    Hey guys, So I hand built a $1300 PC for general use and gaming but whenever I open lots of tabs, multiple videos or begin playing a steam game the PC crashes. I have tried updating drivers, running antivirus software (Malwarebytes), checking temps but nothing seems to fix the problem. I'm...
  3. C

    Problems with microphone on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Hello all, After downloading windows 10, I have recently noticed that when I attempt to talk in CS:GO, people are telling me to stop using my mic. According to feedback from friends, my microphone sounds like I have a voice changer equipped. I tried listening to myself in steam and that was...
  4. LarsFalgren

    Windows 10 Icon + Skype and Steam Problem

    I'm havning all kinds of weird problems with the new windows on my gaming laptop, these are just the most annoying ones 1: Desktop icons: My icons wont use the rightside of the screen or the whole buttom line, so i have a really huge gap i cant fill cus they dont wanna go there, iv tryed no...