1. B

    Windows 10 64 bit instalation

    Hy everyone. I have a Medion Akoya e2215t, which is running windows 10 32 bits. I want to install the 64 bits version, but the problem is that UEFI is 32 bits based. I tried installing Linux before and the solution was to change the file efi\boot\bootx64.efi to bootia32.efi. Where can I find the...
  2. Ander

    Windows 10 Error when i install windows 10

    Hello, I know i m late for install win 10 but anyway. I tried to upgrade my win 8.1 familly PC in win 10 familly so i took the creation tool on microsoft website and i installed win 10. On here, everything is ok BUT when win 10 was installing,(precisely when it install updates but i m note sure)...
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