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Aug 25, 2020
Hy everyone. I have a Medion Akoya e2215t, which is running windows 10 32 bits. I want to install the 64 bits version, but the problem is that UEFI is 32 bits based. I tried installing Linux before and the solution was to change the file efi\boot\bootx64.efi to bootia32.efi. Where can I find the appropriate file for my ISO? Thanks for your attention.
UEFI is the embedded firmware with in the system and is whatever the hardware which mostly every system is 64-bit. The .EFI file is the boot loader and comes with which ever operating system you're installing. All you should need to do is install Windows 10 64-bit.
Thanks for replying. The problem is that when I try to boot 64 bit images (like this case windows 10 64 bit) the system runs windows normally, as if there is no usb device. Even if I disable the other boot options.
That's more likely due to a difference between booting to a legacy partitioned USB and UEFI firmware or vice versa. The simplest way to create a UEFI usb drive is by using a utility called Rufus and select the UEFI partition scheme
Well, this time I have burned the iso image that contains both architectures, in Rufus as you have told me. I have managed to boot it but after choosing the 64-bit option I get an error telling me that the system is damaged or that it does not support 64-bit. info: 0xc000035a. But my system is not damaged and the processor (intel (r) atom (tm) x5-z8350 cpu @ 1.44ghz) does support 64 bit.
simply go to Microsoft website and download the required version the store it in USB and burn it then plug it into pc and start running the window installation. On completion of installation enjoy the games as much you can.
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