1. Adeom

    dual boot (EFI) - windows 10 erases other entires

    I'm trying to set up a dual boot of windows 10 and Fedora 27. On every boot to windows, the windows removes fedoras boot entry (the windows update blue screen shows up at the start of the boot if the entry exists). Used the same dual boot setup over a month ago, worked fine through updates for...
  2. C

    UEFI !

    Hello, My boot menu looks like this: UEFI P4: HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH24NSD0 (Highlighted) P2: Toshiba DT01 ACA1000 (953969MB) P3: Toshiba DT01 - ditto - Samsung Flash Drive (122368 MB) Generic Storage Device Generic Storage Device P4 must be the DVD writer; P2 & P3...
  3. K

    Win7 Pro UEFI - cannot boot from USB

    Hello, I've got a problem installing Win7 Professional x64 on my GPT partition and using UEFI to boot on HP Probook 650 G1. I've got a DVD from HP with Win7 OEM version. 1. Made an ISO image from Win7 DVD I was sent from HP. 2. Using Rufus & my ISO image I created UEFI bootable USB. 3. UEFI...
  4. T

    Hibernation Problem

    I have a SSD with Windows 10 installed. I need of Hibernation function very much; And all time which I do Hibernation, and the PC turn off, to back for work, crashes. The session is lost. I use UEFI of Asus. Just complementing The problem that I previously said, I have installed Windows 10 on...
  5. N

    black screen

    I have an Asus k551ln... I boot from usb flash to install windows 8.1, there is an error says the system can't be installed because *something* GPT partition i don't remember... i restarted the computer and went to the bios settings, changed the booting priority then saved and restart..... it...
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