HP BIOS USB Recovery creation fails


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Windows 11 HP Desktop AMD 2021 Model # S01-aF0134z. The BIOS has failed. To fix that, I am using a secondary working HP Laptop to create a HP BIOS USB Recovery stick, but it is not working. I downloaded the BIOS update .exe file from HP website, using the serial number of the HP Desktop. When I open the .exe file, the secondary PC freezes everytime; this happens on 3 different secondary PCs I have tried it on.

I understand from several websites that to use the BIOS USB Recovery stick, I put it into the HP Desktop with the corrupted BIOS, hold Win Key, B, and Power button for 3 seconds, let go of power, hold Win Key, B, until BIOS Recovery screen appears. The problem is I cannot get to doing that until I have created the BIOS USB Recovery stick. How can I create the stick, when the HP BIOS .exe file does not work? Thanks.


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Hey that's great! It's easy to forget about stuff like this.. I'm always doing it lol.