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I know i m late for install win 10 but anyway.
I tried to upgrade my win 8.1 familly PC in win 10 familly so i took the creation tool on microsoft website and i installed win 10.
On here, everything is ok BUT when win 10 was installing,(precisely when it install updates but i m note sure) my computer crashed and there was the message "cancel changes to your computer" (that's my english traduction in french it's "annulation de smodification apportées a votre ordinateur" and next an errors prints : 0×c1900101 - 0×20003
So what's my problem and who can i resolve it.


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0×c1900101 just means a rollback occurred. Most likely due to an incompatible driver. If you have any external devices plugged in remove them all except the mouse and keyboard and try again.

I would also suggest installing any windows updates and updating all the drivers if there are any available.
I retried and same problem, i have no driver connected exept alimentation and mouse and the drivers are updated. My error message changed (picture). What can i do? Is it good to
-install by the ISO version
-retry in without failure mode ?
I m busy about that and the installation of windows 10 takes sooooo long 😭
HI You really need to do a clean install of windows. Télécharger Windows 10
Please select the first one After that check for updates there are 3 or 4 device specific
As he said, "uninstall the separate Wirus program". while charging and disconnect other external devices only the machine.
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Since it looks like you need some extra help I urge you to check out: "" for real, simple "step by step"-installationguide that comes with extra help and creates extra security...