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    Windows 8 Sharing NTFS partition in multi-boot system

    I have a laptop which multi-boots between Windows7 and Windows8. I share an NTFS partition between the two OSs. If I boot into Windows8 and make changes with files in the shared NTFS partition, everything works fine and I can reboot into Windows8 with no problems. If, however, I subsequently...
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    Windows 8 Can't boot into Windows after running BitLocker

    Hello. I have 3 drives in my PC: SSD with Ubuntu HDD for downloads etc. - no OS HDD with Windows 8.1 partition & Windows 7 partition & 1 empty partition When I start my PC, the GRUB2 menu shows up and I can choose whether I run Ubuntu or Windows. When I choose Ubuntu, it normally starts up...
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    Windows 7 Multiple Boot, Seperately Encrypted Partitions?

    Hi, I need some help with a few multi-boot questions. I know how to set up two versions of windows with a boot menu but there are a few technicalities I need to understand. To better explain here is what I need to end up with 1) A windows 7 partition encrypted with its own encryption key...