Multiple Boot, Seperately Encrypted Partitions?


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I need some help with a few multi-boot questions. I know how to set up two versions of windows with a boot menu but there are a few technicalities I need to understand.

To better explain here is what I need to end up with

1) A windows 7 partition encrypted with its own encryption key (Windows 7 Install 1).
2) A windows 7 partition encrypted with its own encryption key (Windows 7 Install 2).
3) A windows 10 partition installation unencrypted.
4) A shared partition that only 2 & 3 can access. It would be interesting to hear about encryption options for this drive.

Thanks for your help.. :>


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I guess I don't understand the purpose of a setup like this. For one thing you would need 3 license keys for this to be legitimate. Also this would have to be implemented with a non full disk encryption since you would need to separately encrypt the partitions. I don't know if this would even be possible. Maybe if you can explain the reason for this setup and also who would be using each installation. You might be be to do the following assuming the following you have Both Win 7 installs setup, and Win10 and a seperate NTFS partition setup to be used as the shared.
  • Log into the First Win 7 and enabled bitlocker on the C:\ and setup the password and key
  • Log into the second Win 7 and do the same as above
  • Create a VHD file on the "Shared partition" so that it takes up all the space and mount it as a drive letter and encrypt it with a third password to be shared amongst the two win 7s