power options

  1. aviv levi

    Windows 10 windows scheduler fails when laptop is on batteries

    hello everyone, I'm new to this forum - hope we will have a nice time I'm trying for weeks now to schedule a task to run a jar file every day at 3:20 pm. the trick is - I want it to work when my laptop is in "sleep" (not "sleep mode"). The best I got was that the jar was succesfully activated...
  2. RodBarnes

    Windows 8 Windows 8.1 no Sleep in Power Options

    I have a Windows 8.1 system which does not display the "Put the computer to sleep" option. My goal is to set this system to never sleep so it continues to run when unattended. This is one of four Win8.1 VMs, three of which display normal Power Option settings, while this one does not. On this...
  3. G

    Windows 10 Display Shuts off and never Back On

    For me Windows 10 is the worst OS I have ever used (I started with Windows 2.x). The Power Options, plus many other things, is a joke. On the last round of updates I was plagued by this problem, the Display shutdown and never to wake up. The only way to use the computer is to shutdown manually...
  4. A

    Windows 8 How to turn off the display when pressing power button in windows 8.1?

    In windows 10 there is a option called Choose what the power buttons do in power options, in that drop down list there is option to turn off the display when pressing power button. now i have installed windows 8.1 because of windows 10's bugs such as PC not shutting down completely and Critical...
  5. S

    Windows 7 Turning display setting off after X minutes

    Hello all: I just installed Windows 7 with SP 1 last week on my HP Pavilion desktop. I'm trying to have the screen go to black (or screensaver) after, let's say, 15 minutes. I set it and "save changes" but it never goes to black or screensaver. The screen just stays on. I've tried several...