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  1. vbo

    Some users have problem doing rdp connection to windows 2019 server

    Hi, I have a windows 2019 server and i want some ad users to be able to connect to the system through their windows 10 boxes with rdp. So i added these users as rdp group members at the 2019 box. Some users which are defined there , especially after changing their AD password starts to unable...
  2. OldGuyGeek

    Windows 10 Use Quick Assist To Remotely Help Even on Windows Home

    I saw a tutorial about PSR and it is great for people that don't want you to access their PC, but sometimes you just have to take control of it. It used to be that you needed Remote Desktop and Pro versions of Windows. Then, you could use TeamViewer. But now, Microsoft has quietly added a neat...
  3. Q

    Windows 8 using concurrent remote desktop sessions on Windows 7/8/10

    My question is: is it legal to patch Windows in order to allow for concurrent remote desktop sessions, so that it acts like in Windows 2012? Here I found a solution that I haven't tried yet, and I wanted to understand the exact consequences. How To Allow Multiple Concurrent Users Log In Windows...
  4. Remote Desktop Solutions

    Remote Desktop Solutions

    We examine a vast number of remote desktop solutions, remote support utilities, and remote desktop connection software to allow for remote access from nearly anywhere in the world. We evaluate these tools to determine their overall value, usefulness, and ability to be used realistically in both...
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