1. DamyNox

    Need Help for Skin Start Menu Classic Shell [Windows 10]

    Hi There ! I would like to have some help with Classic Shell for Skinning the Start Menu ! Here what I need : I would like to hide or disable this popup description that show my real name on the user picture and on the username in the Start Menu ! (Here what I want to hide on this two...
  2. Z

    Skinning Windows 10

    Hi. I recently transferred for OS X to Windows for the wider range of software available. I have since been trying to skin Windows to look like OS X El Capitan but there is one thing I am struggling with. How do I make the regular Windows 10 corner buttons (minimize, maximize, close) look like...
  3. GIgaHertzzz

    Do you guys think Microsoft would want this Windows XP UI Redesign for those XP users moving to W10?

    I created this concept yesterday and I posted it in 9gag, people told me that I should "sell" the design to Microsoft for XP users, so what do you guys think?
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