I was bored, so I made this - enjoy


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Since I did not have much to do, I thought it would be fun to explore other operating systems. After all, with the recent developments in Windows, you never know where this will end up.

I looked at a variety of Linux distros. They have an adorable price of $0 and are easily installed in VMware player. In the past, I had already used Fedora and Ubuntu plus a few other smaller distros. The new Ubuntu with the Unity UI I did not like. Zorin was the first distro with which I had fun. Then I switched to Mint Cinnamon which is pretty nice but I finally settled for Mint Mate, the Nadia edition. That is a really nice operating system highly customizable which should suffice for any average user.

So I produced a small set of video tutorials that explain how to setup Linux Mint Mate. The first 6 videos cover the following subjects :

· Basic setup after installation
· Refining the Theme and Skin
· Start Menu and Taskbar settings
· Terminal window setup
· Installing and uninstalling Programs
· Screen Recording

In addition there is a link to a PDF with the topic : Installation of Mint Mate in VMware Player. This section contains a written tutorial and three videos.

If you are interested in the subject, download the control sheet (a PDF) from my Skydrive.

Full link for the PDF:

interesting as I'm intended to go for the same just after getting back from my work here form where I'm seeing the post and can't go for its video tutorial right now at this point of time .. i guess it need full attention to get it well so a better thing to do with it read the tutorial being free and relaxed that I'm going to do i the evening at home... thanks to share