software issues

  1. L

    Device plugged in but not recognised

    Hi there, I work in a lab and am trying to get my microscope to talk to my computer. I had it working at one point, but due to various reasons, the software controlling the microscope had to be wiped from the computer and reinstalled (including reinstalling all the drivers). Now when I plug in...
  2. C

    Blue screen of death help

    Hi, My computer is a Lenovo u530 touch and I got this message that said no hard disk detected and I was playing with the settings and I booted legacy mode I believe. Now I have a black screen that says no bootable device found insert boot disc. My computer doesn't even have a disc drive! WhAt do...
  3. Kjell Olsen

    After last update, I cant run programs in Win 8.1

    I've been having some issues with various programs after the latest Win 8.1 update. They simply won't start, or run in the background without me getting access to them. I've reinstalled my Chrome browser, and now it works normally, but for some bizarre reason I'm not too keen on reinstalling...