1. M

    Photo App Album File Location

    I love the new Windows 10 Photo Album and I want to be able to backup the album file. (Not export the album pictures into a folder) But the file that contains the list of pictures and videos of what is in the album. But I cannot find it anywhere on my Computer. The reason for this is that I...
  2. dangerman1973

    How to remove watermark on videos using WMM 2012

    I wanna know how to remove a watermark on the lower right-hand side of a video using Windows Movie Maker 2012. I'd tried using Webdings and Windings text but it didn't cover the watermark completely. Need help.
  3. D

    Random BSOD W7Hx64 when playing videos (DSPlayer/madVR/ffdshow/avisynth)

    Hi, My HTPC is exclusively used to watch videos, using Kodi DSPlayer + directshow filters. I was on Seven and never had a BSOD problem. I upgraded to W10 (clean install), and since then, randomly, but often, when I watch a video, BSODs occur. I could relate it to the use of ffdshow, itself...
  4. paradive

    movie maker/codec woes

    last week, i switched over to the k-lite codecs. now all of a sudden, WLMM won't import mp3s (i'm assuming the 2 are connected, even though everything else is working fine). how do i point WLMM to the new codec? p.s. yes, i've reinstalled.
  5. G

    Windows 10 Unable to view Video

    Hi, I was part of the Preview program since the start and throught the preview updates, I could play video fine, now though, it seems like MS Edge is just refusing to play Video, and I have no idea why. It used to run YouTube vids fine, but now, no video at all work. The closest I have come to...
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