windows server 2022

  1. robertolombardi

    Changes domane

    Hi all, I'm adding my desktop pc after a clean reinstall of windows. The only problem is that I get this error message, where it tells me that there is no mapping between the account names and security identifiers (SIDs). Does anyone know how to help me? It's the first time I've seen this...
  2. vzsolti

    Windows Server 2022 VPN with RRAS - Could not connect

    Hello! Does anyone have experience with Windows Server 2022 RRAS? The VPN server configuration is ready, I can see in the event log that the connection comes in from an external address, but then it drops the VPN connection at the end. Server event log: EventID: 20209 "A connection between...
  3. U

    Windows Server Hyper-V And Docker Issue

    Hello there! I have been investigating a problem we been having with Hyper-V. Sometimes when launch a Windows Docker image, in Hyper-V isolation, I received the following error message. Further investigation, I have found that the under Hyper-V worker recieves the follow error. I have tried...
  4. A

    Blank screen and log off - Windows Server

    System Windows Server 2022 Data Center - After few seconds (7-10sec) of idleness the screen goes blank and then shows the log in screen. No domain policies are loaded. I've already changed screen saver and power plan settings but to no avail. There is a log in Event Viewer about running a task...
  5. wotik

    Windows Server 2022 - GPO for local accounts

    Hello Windows 2022 Server without AD. Is it possible to assign specific settings in GPO but for SELECTED LOCAL accounts (or more groups) of users? If I make settings in GPO, these are the settings that apply to all users, including, for example, administrators, and I would not want that. I...