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  1. NazTheEternal

    Windows 10 Windows 10 Home - Miracast Connection to Samsung TV

    I've recently purchased a Samsung 85" 4K UHD HDR QLED Smart TV (QN85Q70CAFXZC) and in attempting to connect my PC on Windows 10 Home (which is connected to my modem via Ethernet and WiFi-6) the connection constantly fails. I am able to see the TV on the list of connections, I receive a prompt to...
  2. H

    Windows 10 Safe mode checked on. Black screen on startup

    Hi, i checked safe mode on by pressing Windows and R and searching msiconfig and ticked safe boot as minimal. Now when i start pc its just a black screen showing on the monitor. I cant reach login screen or see bios screen is there anyway to disable this as i start up? Many thanks
  3. T

    Windows 10 Failed to initialize all required WMI classes

    On my Windows 10 Pro 64-bit PC, when I go to WMI Control in Computer Management under "Services and Applications" and select "More Actions" -> Properties, it displays the following:- Failed to initialize all required WMI classes. Win32_Processor: WMI: Invalid class Win32_WMISetting: WMI...
  4. L

    Windows 10 I can't partition the data disk by more than about 2.5 GB

    I was hoping to solve this problem by myself, but I seem to have hit a dead end. I need to partition the disk to install a Linux Distro on it. Obviously, this is not the first time that I do this, but the problem I'm experiencing today is the first time that happened to me. Basically, I can't...
  5. quubble

    Windows 10 Windows-Disk-Management -- Disk-Partition

    How do I create an HDD-Unallocated-Partition in Windows 10 from HDD-Free-Space on my drive? Please look at the screenshot below to better understand the issue. (All the option is greyed-out on Right-click, and delete-option is not there.)
  6. S

    Windows 10 How to disable speech recognition setup keyboard shortcut

    Whenever I'm playing a game I accidentally hit some keyboard shortcut that opens speech recognition setup. How do I disable this?
  7. Kannan6555

    Windows 10 anydesk could not connect to anydesk network (result quit)

    anydesk unable to connect to windows 10 64 bit on my pc. its working perfectly on windows 8 64 bit
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