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windows7 activation product key

  1. S

    Windows 7 Error 0x80072f8f in windows 7

    I upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10 after formatting the computer I installed windows 7 again but when I type the activation key it is showing error code 0x80072f8f . The activation key which I have is genuine
  2. Georgy

    Windows 10 Windows 7 > Windows 8.1 Upgrade >>> Windows 10 already activated from Windows 7.

    I just purchased a second hand copy of Windows 8 Pro (32/64bit Upgrade Discs) from a small IT dealer, and it comes with a Product Key. I'm "waiting for the mailman" but I think it will provide a "Retail" version of Windows 8 when it gets used to upgrade my existing Windows 7 Home Prem' OEM...
  3. N

    Windows 7 Format PC with built in Window 7

    Dears, Good day, I have Asus PC with built in window, i am trying to boot recovery mood f9 when the PC start off. unfortunately the recovery not solve the problem even when i select full format for PC. the PC run and shut down again and again (unlimited loop) seems that there is a software...
  4. Q

    Windows 7 Activation problems

    My computer has been saying it needs activation, so i tried to activate it with the product key under my computer (for a windows 7 home premium) and it wont work, my computer says it uses windows 7 ultimate and i dont know how to change it.