Windows 10 Windows 7 > Windows 8.1 Upgrade >>> Windows 10 already activated from Windows 7.


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Apr 30, 2018
I just purchased a second hand copy of Windows 8 Pro (32/64bit Upgrade Discs) from a small IT dealer, and it comes with a Product Key.

I'm "waiting for the mailman" but I think it will provide a "Retail" version of Windows 8 when it gets used to upgrade my existing Windows 7 Home Prem' OEM "system builder" system.

However; My existing OEM Product Key is already legally "up-licenced" for Windows 10 (OEM) using the Windows 7 OEM Product Key / activation data....

So when I activate the Windows 8 Retail, will my Windows 7 OEM Product Key (and Win 10 OEM activation) be blacklisted ?

"Ready to call Remond OEM user"!
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If you already have Windows 10 why would you buy a Windows 8 disc? For one thing Windows 8 is EOL and you won't be able to upgrade the Windows 8 license to Windows 10 since the free upgrade period has been over for awhile.
Ha, I thought that the upgrade would liberate my OEM licence. In fact, it seems I was wrong! Not only that but I've purchased a 2nd user windows 8 retail pack *without* any supplied COA. Doh !
It would upgrade the Windows 7 license to retail, but it wouldn't be eligible to upgrade to Windows 10.
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