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    I have an issue which I can't find anything obvious on.

    I have 4 Windows 7 machines, 1 x W7 Pro, 2 x W7 Home Premium & 1 x W7 Starter all in the same Homegroup.

    The W7 Pro machine can see all the others under Homegroup in Windows Explorer
    All 3 of the others can see each other in the same way but the W7 Pro machine isn't listed

    The 3 others can access the Shares on the W7 Pro Machine by going to Network rather than Homegroup in Windows Explorer.

    It's not a major issue but why is the W7 Pro machine not seen / listed by the others under Homegroup?
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    Try to answer these questions:

    • Have you tried disconnecting the Windows 7 Pro system from the homegroup and rejoining?
    • Does workgroup functionality work for the Windows 7 Pro system?
    • Is every system matched to the same workgroup?
    • Are you able to deliver packets to and from the Windows 7 Pro system?
    • Are you able to view the Windows 7 Pro system from other computers on the network using net view?
    • Is Network Discovery and File and Print Sharing enabled on the Windows 7 Pro system?
    • Is your firewall Windows Firewall and are the settings identical on all systems?
    • If you disable the firewall are you able to get a connection to the HomeGroup?
    • Have you checked file system integrity using chkdsk on Windows 7 Pro?
    • Have you run System File Integrity Checker on Windows 7 Pro?
    • When you run ipconfig /all from a command prompt, are the DHCP settings the same as the other computers?
    • Have you made any changes to the system or has it always had this problem?
    • Are you running any specific network tools on the Windows 7 Pro system that would create a problem?
    • Are you able to identify your network interface card and download updated drivers if they are available?
    Run some basic network diagnostics:

    Launch a Command Prompt
    Navigate to Start -> Search -> cmd.exe

    Confirm the System is Viewable on the Windows Network

    On each system run:

    net view

    All systems should show up on all systems.

    Confirm You Can Deliver Packets to the Troubled System

    From each computer name, repeat the above step but:

    ping {windows7_pro_computer_name}

    Remove brackets.

    Navigate to Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Change advanced sharing settings
    Enable Network discovery , File and printer sharing

    (If you can post the results to any of the above questions or the below diagnostics results this will be helpful in further responding to the problem. The answer may lie somewhere within these questions and answers)
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