Windows 7 10 of the Best Modern Warfare 2 Kills to Date


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So it used to be a I wrote a lot of Halo 3 posts on here, but as my interests have changed, so do the posts I write for the site. So we’re leaving alien carbines and plasma ‘nades behind, and we’re now in the gritty reality of Modern Warfare 2.

I do maintain that MW2 doesn’t have quite the same “crazy shit” factor that Halo 3 does, and after you view this post of the best kills I could find in the game, compare it to this old post, which features some truly bonkers death in Halo.

I also must protest MW2’s inability to save killcams, or its lack of replay in general. For example, when I execute a particularly awesome kill, or a crazy kill happens to me, I would like the ability to quickly press a button to save that killcam, and then we would see a lot more crazy deaths than what I’ve listed here. As it stands, out of the 149 deaths that populate a given game, only the very last one is ever able to be seen be all parties. That, Infinity Ward, is lame.

Check out the videos below, and suggest your own if you think you’ve found better.
1. The 360
2. The Ricochet
3. The Rudolph
4. The Tornado
5. The Elevator
6. The Stalker
7. The Pinball
8. The Nutshot
9. The Massacre
10. The Blind Man
BONUS: The Accident

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Priceless, :D


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Surely the biggest kill was shown when the devs took away LAN support...


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I don't play MW2 often, so I don't know much about the online play.
But no local support?
There's Infinity Ward for ya.


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But no local support? There's Infinity Ward for ya.
Considering every previous PC title they did has all the LAN support you could ever want, it's purely down to force feeding us like console owners.


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^ Spam?


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I have no problem with you talking about cars, just do so in the water cooler section ;).
Cheers, wasn't trying to cause conflict.

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