190kbs-320kbs or 1000kbs?

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    hello everyone i have got a expencive home cinema system and i hear all my music via laptop through hdmi,downloaded material mostly but also streaming.The question is can i hear the difference between mp3(190-320kbs) and flac (1000kbs) i have realy listened but i can not hear the difference or can i?.Should i continue downloading mp3 or should i go with the flac solution,the problem is that i can not find the special music i listnen to for intance psychedelic trance discographys,do anyone know where to find psychedelic trance in flac format?Any comments will be appriciated kind regards casi
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    Once you get above 320kbs it's entirely down to the quality of the original source AND your own hearing AND speaker system combined, many people can hear massive differences at 190kbs, far less can at 320kbs, and a very small amount could tell much difference between 320kbs and 1000kbs, especially with such a wide variation in human hearing ability there is no real way to know without simply doing it. You may also consider OGG FLAC format which is generally between MP3 and native FLAC for quality, but of MP3 sort of file sizes.
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