2 Networks...Intermittant Loss of Connectivity


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just came over from XP Pro...had to get a 64-Bit machine; & went w/ an ASUS running Win7 Home...which I upgraded to Pro.

I began to lose my internet connectivity, intermittantly...& noticed that, when it happened, the Network icon in the task bar showed TWO networks...(???)...

...one labeled 'Network - No Internet Access'...

...& the other labeled: 'Unidentified Network - No Internet Access'.

Sometimes the problem would go away if i rebooted, but eventually it became a permanent dilemna.

Verizon checked my modem...said it was fine, but sent me a new one anyway. Same problem continued.

Took the PC back to Best But & swapped it for a new one...& it's been fine 'till this evening. It denied me access once...I rebooted; & got it back.

Obviously, something is amis w/ Win 7 Pro in the way the network connection is set up...can't be two modems or two computers.

anyone have any thoughts on how to rectify this problem...???



UPDATE: on the above problem, I noticed it seems to happen right around the time that the OS goes looking for windows updates

UPDATE (WEIRDNESS) #2: not in the same category...sorry, but...turned the machine on this morning & windows could not find my desktop. rebooted & there it was. (they don't really have this thing fully ironed out yet, do they?)

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I have just spent 2 days trying to sort out my dodgy network connection which was not working on win 7 64 bit after I had just reinstalled windows. My network icon had a yellow exclamation mark against it and I tried everything within the windows troubleshooter to repair it to no avail. Reinstalling the network drivers had no effect. A friend called Keef says ah! reset the stack and winsock and it should fix it.......... and it did!!

Just follow the instructions below to sort out the problem and save you hours of trial and error ( I hope)

Sometimes your DHCP service is not able to pull an IP addresse, that means the network stack on Windows goes banana. To fix that, open command prompt with administrator privilege (click on Start -> type in “cmd” -> right click on the command prompt and choose “Run as Administrator”) and type these command:
netsh int ip reset C:\netsh.log.txt
netsh winsock reset

… then all your network configuration is reset.

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