2nd Hard drive installation

Help! I am still trying to install a second hard drive on my computer but it won't allow me to get anything off of it. Any solutions?


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What kind of computer is it?
Laptop, Desktop?
What kind of hard drive is it?
Internal, External, USB, IDE, SATA
If you have it connected, what does disk management have to say about the drive.
Can you provide a disk management image attached to your next post?

It is a desktop computer that I am trying to install a second hard drive (Internal) using the same type of cables that the first hard drive is hooked up with. There are two plug ins for both the cables.

I am assuming that you mean when you use F12. It shows it, I can set it as the second start up disk but, It won't actually work. All I want to do is retrieve some photo's off the drive for my wife. Even when I do get a second hard drive shown in the "My Computer" dialog box it will not allow me to open it. It want's me to reformat it. Oh, my computer runs on XP and the second drive is a Vista. Her computer died and we purchased a used one for her that runs XP as well. Please understand that I am so computer illiterate that I amaze myself every time I remember how to turn it on (not that bad) Just explaining why my terminology is so poor.


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Xp will have issues with a Vista hdd that;

1. Is 2 terabits or larger.

2. Has some kind of bitlocker encryption.

3. Is corrupt.

Don’t format the drive!

Have you or a mate got a copy of Ubuntu… for file recovery from damaged drives its very hard to top.

I will look into the Ubuntu. Hopefully I will be able to rescue my wife's photos. Thanks!

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