3 'Download' folders - how reduce, how make sure interested file lands in right one


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I have 3 'Download' folders (folder icon with down blue arrow):
1) my documents library\'Downloads'
2) users\'Downloads'
3) users\Avery\'Downloads'

This seems a little ridiculous, but perhaps there is some rhyme/reason. I would prefer without knowing more info to only have one. More importantly, I want something I download to go where I know it is and can find it. I'm finding different downloads (by some characteristic perhaps) are going to different 'Downloads' folders, making for more trouble and annoyance.

Any ideas? Would love to resolve this. Tried combining and got message that Windows or other applications might not work if I went ahead.

Thanks, Avery


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You can set the default download path in browsers' options and in the options of download managers. So you can set one common download folder for all.

In IE, this is how to change the default download directory:

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Please let us know if you need more help.