3 problems !

hi everyone.
i got the windows 7 build 7000 from microsoft and i activated it and everything is just OK except 3 things..
1- the fantastic start logo that appears before the welcome screen suddenly dissapeard.. so what i get now is the boot screen with the moving little bar and then the welcome screen ( no start logo screen) ..well it is not that important but i just wonder where did the fantastic start logo goes ! pls help ..

2- i tried all the software that make a virtual cd drive and they are all not working .. they cause windows to freeze and then i restart and uninstall ...i tried alcohol120 and daemon and magic iso ...etc. and all are not working..they install the virtual cd rom but i just can not insert any iso image into it, and it freezes all the time.. pls help

3- i can not install the java vm .. but i installed the java jre.. i do not really know if java vm is important to have or not..
will java jre be enough ?

P.S : i have really no other problems and everything just faster than ever ..
thanks in advanced :)


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On Number 2, have you tried virtual clone drive yet? It works for me and other people on Windows 7. If that doesnt work then i suggest using 7-zip to extract the files from the iso and then run it from your hard drive that way.

perfect idea - using the 7 zip...i already done that .. but still having problems to extract the .nrg file ( nero )..
i will try the virtual clone and reply..
thanks for the very fast reply :)

Just burn the image if you can, windows 7 i know will burn images or if the img file is not compatible with windows 7 use ImgBurn

Iroken.. that virtual clone worked perfectly..really thanks.. (still having problems with nrg files )but really really thanks..
Doooly... that is true bro but when you have like 50 img file.. it is a waste of cd's then .. those softwares are much more economic ..lol

what about problems 1 .. i do really miss seeing the start logo shining on my screen :)
thanks again for all the help

For the boot screen i don't know what causes it but i get it to.

you get it too ? you mean you get the same problem or you get it working ?


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What have you installed on your computer since the start logo changed?

i was asking the same question :D
i am not sure.. but it i think it happened after installing the windows live messenger..
really not sure.. i tried some options of msconfig boot ini but nothing worked..
i can be 100 % sure that is not really a problem because everything is working perfect as i said, i just wonder what would make it disappear and how to get it back ..


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What is ur current screen resolution?

1200 * 800
i am using 2 g ram and 8400 n vidia

I also got the same startup window after installing live Photo gallery. This was on a clean install.

A couple of startups later the desktop would not come up (but the taskbar would). but when I tried the menu it worked. Still no desktop.

I was about to reformat and re-install clean again but thought I would try to re-install over my initial clean install. It took about an hour but now everything works very well (up to this point). The new startup screen came back also.

I have office 2007 installed also.

So far, so good.

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