Windows 8 3D Mark Vantage patched for Windows 8


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Futuremark has released patch 1.1.2 which brings Windows 8 compatibility:

3DMark Vantage v1.1.2

This update adds Windows 8 compatibility and fixes a few bugs. Benchmark scores are not affected by this update.

- Fixed Windows 8 compatibility issues with online result service connection.
- SystemInfo updated to version 4.17 to improve compatibility with latest hardware.
- Updated PhysX software to version 9.12.1031.

Bug fixes
- Fixed various GUI bugs.
- Updated exporter.dll to fix problem loading saved results.

Professional Edition only
- Added support for infinite looping through the command line interface.
- Added save and submit result options to the command line interface.

Direct download for the incremental patch (v1.1.0 -> v1.1.2):

Full v1.0.5 installer will be available from our mirrors: Download 3DMark Vantage | 3DMark 11 ? The Gamer's Benchmark for DirectX 11

Steam version will automatically update



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