Windows 7 4GB Installed, 2.94GB being used.


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Alright, so. I have 4GB of DDR2 ram installed on my computer, when I installed windows 7 and then go to system it says;

RAM Installed 4GB (2.94GB Useable)

Now, my question is. Why? Has anyone else had this problem. Here some more information.

1. Windows 7, 7100 RC.
2. Windows 7 IS 64BIT.
3. I have dualboot setup. Windows XP SP3, Windows 7 7100 64BIT. Each is on there own harddrive.
4. All the RAM is the same.

Any help would be awesome.

Thanks in advanced.
What gpu do you have installed and how much memory does it have? ;) It's most likely due to that or another expansion card you have installed.. ;)

It could be a bad module too (though it really sounds like it's because of your gpu).. what is the RAM configuration? 4 x 1GB's? or 2 x 2GB's?
Intel Core Duo 6600 = CPU

The ram is configured at 4x1GB sticks.

I really need to upgrade the system. hehe.
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try downloading cpu-z. Its a great utility to identity hardware (CPU, mobo, Ram) in your pc. look in the memory slots...if it doesn't recognize it you may have a defective stick. If it does recognize, it may be interfered with by the 32 bit XP. Repost with results pls.
Here a screenshot of every window. Everything seems to be the same. Other then the first timings table? Two sticks are 270MHz and Two sticks are 266MHz. Does that make a difference?

There are 4x 1GB sticks.
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Yes, that was running on Windows 7. And, I am not sure? I never changed anything like that before? How do I look? I know its an 8800GTX and has 768MB dedicated on its own.
I'm on xp this machine i go to run> type dxdiag> click on display....then repost what you see and exit without changes

this may not work on 7...

the deal is you won't see memory thats dedicated to video
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It works.

So, I have dual displays. But, both windows show the same.

But, here is the problem. "Approx. Total Memory: 1992MB"

When I checked on Windows XP. Only says 768, all that my 8800GTX is. So, how can I change this?

After looking around some more. (Performance Information and Tools) I found out;
Total Available Graphics Memory; 2015MB
Dedicated Graphics Memory; 768MB
Shared System Memory; 1247MB
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