64 bit compaq excessive data browsing the web

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    My old lady has a win 7 64 bit Compaq. every morning about 5 am she browses sites like msn, yahoo, aquabit, outlook webmail. Until about 6 am. During this time 250 to 500+ MB are used. She being the only connection. I shut down all auto updates. I took all browser off but IE 11. Searched virus and background process. For the life of me I can not figure out why or what is eating the data. I am starting to think it is the 64 bit. As my 32 bit win 7 desktop does not suck up the data. I can leave the browser open and hardly anything. Her laptop off during this test.

    I disabled her plug ins, and every thing else I could find. I do see htlm 5 codecs on webpages that I can not disable. jplayer for one. Flash off but I see the video ads still streaming. The 32 bit seems to block the html 5 codecs. I'm at a loss. She just browsing but the data eat is costing way to much for what she does.

    Does anyone here have any Ideas where else I can look?

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