1. Y

    Windows 10 Poor Start Screen Design. No option for 4 Columns on Start Screen?

    I'm very disappointed in the customization options in Windows 8-10. Firstly, users have to use third-party software to post their own tiles.. which is like using third-party software to make the modern equivalent of icons and shortcuts. No wonder normal users never liked the Start Screen which...
  2. A

    Windows 10 what to do, oh what to do (fixed)

    Hello guys, new here and just to the point. i just upgraded my OS to windows 10, and of course the drivers needs to be updated. so, while i finished upgrading it asked me to connect to a wi-fi, i skipped that because i dont have a wi-fi connection at that point and just wanted to skip that...
  3. carsten888

    Windows 10 How to stop taskbar buttons from mysteriously switching order?

    I always have 2 browsers open (one for local development work and one for online). Sometimes, all of a sudden, the order of the buttons has changed. They simply switched order. Why? Please note, this is not about the order of different apps. I know you can just drag and drop those. This is...
  4. Ryker XL

    Windows 10 Start Menu and All Taskbar apps are GONE!!!

    So been working on this all morning. My Start Menu is toast. Causes critical re login error. Re login does nothing... Bing and store apps are gone from taskbar Speaker volume does NOT work Notifications are unresponsive Cortana causes critical error as well Ran Powershell fix as...
  5. S

    Windows 10 Windows 10 Store Error 0x8024001E

    So, there's a bug in Windows Store. At first I couldn't open it and applications also didn't work. After restarting computer Windows Store opened but wouldn't start updating applications. After trying bunch of commands in Command Prompt (net start wuauserv, sfc /scannow, dism /online...
  6. Jonathan West

    Windows 8 Apps close After opening

    When i try to open a system app, like Windows store, or something like that. It imediatly closes right when it opens, but i can still see it in the taskbar. Pleases tell me how to fix this. Im afraid ill still have the problem when i get windows 10.
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