Windows 10 what to do, oh what to do (fixed)


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May 22, 2016
Hello guys, new here and just to the point.

i just upgraded my OS to windows 10, and of course the drivers needs to be updated.

so, while i finished upgrading it asked me to connect to a wi-fi, i skipped that because i dont have a wi-fi connection at that point and just wanted to skip that section.

it runs perfectly but is running without graphic driver which is sucks and cannot resize the desktop size also wont change its brightness.

i downloaded all the drivers from the Acer website like Bios, VGA, Webcam, touchpad etc. everything is installed but the vga cannot be installed saying "encountered a problem while installing driver" on the device manager.

i decided to go to windows update settings and update, it is listed in there saying Intel Corporation driver update for Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator 3150 (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM 1.0) are waiting to install, question is how do i install it? is it supposed to install by it self or manually?.

(update) it installed the other drivers, but crashes on microsoft infoPath, now attemptipng restart.


what i dont know is, how do i get back to the update drivers section like when i upgraded to windows 10.
i am really-really on the edge right now, like my hair is going einstein by now.

device is : - Acer aspire-one Happy
- Intel atom N570 1.66ghz
- 2gb ram
- its a freakin notebook.
can you post which Aspire you have? It should be Acer Aspire followed by numbers and letters?
can you post which Aspire you have? It should be Acer Aspire followed by numbers and letters?

its Acer AO Happy 2, it is fixed by now. i dont know what just happens but i restarted twice and the display works correctly. darn laptop.
:DIt's amazing what a restart will do!! Grandson to Grandpa " Have you rebooted grandpa" " You know grandpa" Have you restarted":rofl:
I have an Aspire One notebook also, and it takes forever to update it, and that's because you are running a very slow CPU and there's only 2GB RAM in there. W10 really wants to see 4GB of RAM, which that notebook can't be upgraded to, and it will run with 3GB, but again very slowly.:( My Aspire One; about 6 years old, won't take 3GB of RAM due to hardware limitations of the slots. If yours takes 3GB or 4GB, I suggest you invest in that RAM upgrade, otherwise it's a snail-like doorstop which you will use less and less.:waah: Predictions of the Internet and hardware technology changes suggest that your notebook probably won't even run on the Internet at all after 2020.:waah:

Its a nice cute netbook. My old little friend is an Acer One ZG5, with only 1 GB of memory. It only supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.
In the 'Performance Options' section I selected 'Max Performance', but in the advanced screen options I enabled Clear Type. And it runs remarkably well, even with a large second screen....

As my friend Bigbearjedi said, it is close to End-Of-Live, maybe even over EOL, but it is fun to play with
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