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  1. J

    Windows 10 icons problem

    I have problem with icon. If you know how to fih it, tell me how pease. If i open teamspeak it doesnt show TSicon. It shows icon from images.
  2. ussnorway

    Windows 10 Adobe Premiere pro blocked windows task bar

    so Windows users know that Adobe like Mac and Windows doesn't always make a good fit for their software... in this case the task bar covers your options so you can't click it it doesn't matter what your screen rez is set to because Adobe will help by auto moving the ui to 'fit' the space... so...
  3. G

    Windows 7 Problem with DNS settings when using anything that needs internet.

    So whenever I try and load any web page, doesn't matter what web browser I use I get a error message that says DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG, I have looked at every solution to fix this but nothing has worked permanently. Every time I try Network and Sharing Center > Local Area Connection >...
  4. A

    Windows 10 what to do, oh what to do (fixed)

    Hello guys, new here and just to the point. i just upgraded my OS to windows 10, and of course the drivers needs to be updated. so, while i finished upgrading it asked me to connect to a wi-fi, i skipped that because i dont have a wi-fi connection at that point and just wanted to skip that...
  5. Repair and Fix Hard Drive and Disk Errors

    Repair and Fix Hard Drive and Disk Errors

    How to repair and fix your hard drive from within Windows. Determine if there is a problem with the hard disk in the form of file system corruption or bad sectors (disk errors). Analyze or export this data to make an assessment about the condition of your hard drive. Examins the chkdsk utility...