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The router keeps disconnecting, strange fix!


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Microsoft Community Contributor
May 25, 2009
Ever since I got my new 5G router from Comcast, it disconnects a lot, several times a day.
It always quits working at night, but sometimes during the day as well.

I spent several weeks trying to find a fix and was about to complain to Comcast.
I was making one last try to find a solution and had about given up when I found a note in an article that said, the reason that your Router may be disconnecting can be because it's too close to your cell phone.

I never heard anything like this before and thought it was really unlikely but at a loss for anything else to try, that night I took my cell phone upstairs with me, it usually sits on my computer desk in its charger at night.

It didn't disconnect that night.
Since then, I've been keeping it away from my router, and it's been almost a week, and hasn't disconnected and needed to be reset.

So if you have this problem, it may be because of your cell phone, you can at least give it a try.
I'm going to move my charger upstairs today.
Glad it worked, but also weird it worked. Celluar phones do not operate on the same frequency as 802.11 (wireless)
Yes, I was skeptical, but it didn't take anything to try. It still hasn't disconnected since I moved my phone away.
Really weird, glad I stumbled across it. There must be some kind of interference.

This has been driving me crazy for months.

This never happened with my old router and the same setup as far as phone location goes.
IMHO not so weird, cell phones send shot relatively high power pulses, which might interfere with sensitive electronics.

And in the old days, but that was long ago, my computer room was a “No smoking and no cell phones" area. Yes I am an old-timer. :)
Cell and wireless are both low power systems these days and operate on different frequency ranges so as not to interfere. The most notable interference was with the 2.4Ghz wireless technology which did operate on the same frequency range as cordless phones and microwaves and was also susceptible to jamming by high power things like florescent lights and electric motors.
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