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Wifi keeps disconnecting randomly


New Member
Dec 27, 2021
I have a Wifi tp-link card WN781ND-V3 and for some reason it keeps disconnecting randomly, sometimes it takes hours and other times 15 minutes. Event viewer usually says that DNS servers did not respond or that something else has the same name on the network. I tried reinstalling drivers but nothing seems to work.
Reset your Network Settings and your system automatically restarts. After restart I hope your problem will be solved. If no then download Network Driver from manufacturer website and install. Hoping your problem will be solved...
It could be your ISP. Just keep in mind Internet Connections don’t work 100% and will experience downtime.

If the issue persists, call your Internet Service Provider. There are two things you can try. The first to try would be to reset your router (or your modem, whichever you’re using). You can first try to unplug the power to the modem/router for about 30 seconds then plug it back in (not the Ethernt Cable, the power cable from the wall). If that doesn’t work, you can always try to reset the modem/router.

There can be so many reasons why Wifi Connections can be lost. There could be lost service in your area (maintenance, damaged cables, etc), or even bad weather can have a negative impact on it. If you are unable to reconnect, call your ISP, or your Landlord if you’re renting and Internet’s provided.