wifi problems

  1. A

    Bizarre wifi issue

    Hi, so my boyfriend's pc is unable to connect to our wifi. His computer (running windows 10) can "connect" to the network, but then it says there's no internet. We have tried updating wifi adapter drivers, resetting the ip configuration, doing a full network reset, flushing the dns cache, netsh...
  2. S

    Windows 11 Wifi not available

    Sometimes the wifi symbol dissapears, this happens when starting up or unplugging my ethernet cable. So I can't connect to wifi anymore a restart doesn't work but turning the computer off and rebooting it, then wifi reapears. This is the windows version: OS Name Microsoft Windows 11 Pro...
  3. A

    Windows 10 Asus ROG gaming laptop wifi 6

    I have asus gaming router which works great on all devices. I have 2.4ghz and 5ghz, The 2.4ghz wifi shows up instantly when i boot windows but 5ghz takes a few mins to show. Why does this happen as my PS5 and phone ect.. does not have this problem?
  4. FailG

    Wifi keeps disconnecting randomly

    I have a Wifi tp-link card WN781ND-V3 and for some reason it keeps disconnecting randomly, sometimes it takes hours and other times 15 minutes. Event viewer usually says that DNS servers did not respond or that something else has the same name on the network. I tried reinstalling drivers but...
  5. Shadow WSK

    Windows 10 Is my wifi card broken?

    Recently, my laptop was not unable to detect any 5ghz networks, so i tried to update the driver, reinstall the driver, and even roll back the driver itself. Nothing ive done solved the issue, the only answer i can think of is that my wifi card maybe actually broken.
  6. C

    Windows 10 Wireless adapter error problem

    I have restarted my laptop and my wifi driver was disappear. I tried to open device manager and saw the error of the "Ralink RT3290 802.11 wifi adapter" in the even box here: Device PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_3290&SUBSYS_18EC103C&REV_00\4&1a8ae317&0&00A4 had a problem starting. Driver Name...
  7. Jazz4Dayz

    Windows 10 Wi-Fi Keeps Trying to Switch Between Connections

    For some odd reason, just recently when I'm trying to play some online games on my computer at home every 5+ minutes my Wi-Fi will automatically DC from my home router for seemingly no reason at all. When I try to trouble shoot it says something's missing (can't remember what it said). Then when...
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