Windows 10 How to stop taskbar buttons from mysteriously switching order?


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I always have 2 browsers open (one for local development work and one for online). Sometimes, all of a sudden, the order of the buttons has changed. They simply switched order. Why?


Please note, this is not about the order of different apps. I know you can just drag and drop those. This is about when you have multiple instances of the same app open in a taskbar.

To restore the order, the only way I know is to close the left instance of the app, and open it again (appearing on the right) and then opening whatever tabs/documents I had open. This is a stupid time-consuming workaround. There must be a better way.

This issue was in windows 8, but now I noticed it is still there after the update to windows 10, I just had to post this, cause its driving me nuts.

How to stop taskbar buttons from mysteriously switching order?

Night Hawk

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Switching back and forth between windows puts the active window ahead of the other. One solution is to see all windows grouped onto the one button and then use the preview option to select the other when going back and forth. That will be the quick solution. This is mainly controlled by way of the Taskbar and Start menu properties screen and the Taskbar buttons options list.