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Windows 8 7 Handy Tips and 4 Cool Tools for Win 8

For the old windows hackers, that like to tweak and tune the heck out of any OS, it's good to know that almost every tweak that works for Win-7, also works equally well on Win-8.

I've got my own copy of Win-8/64 tweaked and tuned, trimmed and pruned to look and act like XP on steroids.

From what I've seen so far, it can be made very acceptable to older users, with just a minimum of work.

Cheers Mates!
I've also not found anything that worked in Win 7 not work in Win 8. Mine isn't exactly the same as Win 7, and there are some things that have to be fixed, hopefully in the first beta. I am looking forward to that.
I'm actually surprised and excited, by how many of the old XP tweaks work in Win-8.

It could make one pause to ponder, if Win-8 and its predecessors were actually built on top of Windows XP. ???
Much of the registry is the same anyway.

Specifically, I'm thinking about the registry tweak, that causes the Windows Kernel to be loaded into RAM on boot-up.

Then there are those tweaks that speed up "Shutdown" and kill the "Compress Old Files" thing in Disk Cleanup.

I'm going to print out all my XP tweaks and then go to my Win-8 PC and open the registry and see how many reg locations are the same.
Well, it's something to do on a lazy day in FL. :witless:

Cheers Mates!
The Doctor :cool:

PS: It's done! I now have a revised set of registry tweaks that work for Win-8/64.
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