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sorry to post this here but I don't like to bother anybody. searching 1 hr for the simple spec like.....WHAT'S THE MAX PARTITION ALLOWED FOR W7 anyway. I tried 'max hd size.' max hdd isze.' w7 hd size, 'w7hdd size,' 'w7 max hd size.' windows7 max hdd size.' 'w7 NTFS size' 'windows 7 ntfs size.' 'hd size,' 'hdd size.' 'HDD limit' 'hd limit' 'w7 hd limit............I had alot more but it's just been a waste.

Anyone know?????:frown:


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The query has never occurred to me before. I can't afford a hard disk big enough - lol. But, I have no personal knowledge but quoting from Microsoft:
"The maximum partition size is 2TB (terabyte, a trillion bytes). NTFS actually has an upper limit of 16 exabytes (quintillion bytes, or 16 million TB), but since current industry standard limits the Partition Tables to 2 to the 32nd power sectors (with 512B sectors, that's 2 TB), the actual current upper limit is 2 TB."

NTFS partition size limit

2TB max? Thanks for posting that. It will come in handy for RAID configurations and could be a question on the 70-680 exam.


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Did you try diskmgmt.msc from the Run box to expand the partition?

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