7048 and RDP to Win2k Terminal Servers

I'm having a big problem with 7048 and RDP'ing into Windows 2000 Terminal Servers. The screen does not refresh after you minimize the screen. In other words, after you go back to it, it's black screen and you have to force a refresh to get parts of the screen to redraw.

Also, I get random disconnects, which appear to be related to certain redraw functions. It's almost as if there's an error in the protocol and it just gives up and disconnects you.

Anyone else seeing this problem, or is it just me?

Hi there
in the options on the Client machine try setting the display option to say 15 bits -- you don't need the maximum colour resolution when logging on over a network --especially if your remote computer is on a typical home ISP and not a corporate LAN.

Sometimes settion up your own VPN (Virtual Private Network) can be better but needs a lot more work to set it all up.

RDP usually works fine. I'm using W7 build 7048 X-64 without a problem on RDP.


I have already tried every variation of every setting, including every display resolution and "experience" checkbox both on and off.

As I said, the problem is specific to connecting to Windows 2000. It works fine when connecting to XP, 2003, 7, and 2008.

Also, I am connecting over a LAN, not the internet.

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