7ft-wide home for sale - but it will cost you £95,000

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    A Suffolk home that is only 7ft wide (2m) and boasts an upside-down design has gone up for sale - for the grand total of £95,000.


    The tiny Victorian property in Framlingham, Suffolk, has the kitchen on the first floor and the bedroom underneath – and once formed part of a steam mill.

    The one-bedroom house is part of the sought-after Mauldens Mill development. It is the last remaining Victorian part of the old steam mill.

    The rest of the mill has been redeveloped or was knocked down for new buildings.

    ‘It’s really for only one person,’ said estate agent Julie Williams. ‘I wouldn’t like to share it.’

    The building used to be a bookies but was converted into a home eight years ago.

    It must be one of the smallest houses in the country, offering just 308 square feet of space inside.

    Ms Williams added: 'It has an upside down design, with a kitchen and reception room on the first floor and a bedroom and shower room on the ground floor.'


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