8.1 - Wireless and Volume button issues!!!

I had WIN8 and was happy with it. Microsoft updated me <without my permission BTW> to 8.1. I have had nothing but problems since!!!

My computer won't stay connected to my ROUTER <I have to keep logging off and then back on if I'm IDLE too long>.
My wireless printer is NOW NOT recognized by my puter and...
My volume keys have suddenly stopped working.

I purchased ad NEW router, thinking the router was the problem.
I have rebooted router and printer <unplugging both> to no avail. I have tried updating the keyboard drivers and was told they are up to date.

Any suggestions for all of my issues will be greatly appreciated.

I'm about at my witts end. Hope someone can help.

Nancy B.


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Sounds like you may have gotten a less than optimal driver for your network card as part of the upgrade process.
If you can advise as to specifics regarding your system... Manufacturer Name, Model Name, Model Number, any other identifying numbers and or
Your network interface controller....... Manufacturer Name, Model Name, Model Number, Rev. Number, etc. we might be better able to help steering you towards a more optimal driver for your device(s).

Ok...so let me give you some of the info I THINK you are requesting Noob Whisperer...

My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite P875-S7102.
My Router is a NETGEAR62
My 'gateway' properties are WNDR3400v3

If I haven't given you all the specifics you need, please let me know what a NETWORK INTERFACE CONTROLLER is! haha. I try to be very computer savvy, but sometimes, these things are WAY over my head.

Thanks for your help!!!


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Wow.... it doesn't look like Toshiba is going to make our jobs easy.
Have a look here
select the "drivers and updates" tab
select your operating system as well as system architecture (Windows 8.1 32bit or Windows 8.1 64bit) from the left column and see what is provided in the way of Driver Software for your wireless card.
Just skimming through, it looks like that model may have came with a variety of possible wireless cards installed. I see a driver for a Realtek, an Atheros and an Intel as a possible selection.
Unless the choice is obvious to you maybe we could determine something more specific from the Hardware IDs.

Open Device Manager expand Network adapters, select then right click the problem wireless adapter and choose properties.
Select the Details tab, use the drop down arrow to change Device description to Hardware Ids
In the value box right click and choose select all, then right click again and choose copy.
Paste that information from the clip board into your next post and we'll see if we can help you find a driver
Should look something like this
but not necessarily exactly.


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Ok...so I looked in Device Manager and found this:

Network Infrastructure Devices
WNDR3400v3 (Gateway)

I BELIEVE the Network Infrastructure Device IS the NETGEAR ROUTER.

It didn't have HARDWARE Ids listed under the Details, but I did find this info in events saying it was configured 10/30/14...Not sure if this is kind of what info you need:

Device SWD\DAFUPnPProvider\uuid:914c9e52-e6c6-9a86-3b7d-e52b9fa586cb was configured.
Driver Name: pnpxinternetgatewaydevices.inf
Class Guid: {4D36E97D-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

I appreciate you walking me through this. It's WAY above my head at this point. Thanks for your patience!


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You're probably right, with respect to the Network Infrastructure Devices.
Please see attached image as an example of what we are looking for.



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Ok...that clarifies what I should be looking at. The confusing part, is that the NETGEAR ROUTER is not listed under that title. Here is what is listed under my NETWORK ADAPTERS:

Intel Centrino Wireless -N200
Qualcomm Atheros AR8162/8166/8168 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller (NDIS 6.30)

Please advise...


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Can you advise as to your system Architecture?
If you are not sure how to do this, simply right click on "Computer" and choose properties.
In the section labeled System you should see something like "System type:" and across from that it will tell you 64-bit Operating System or 32-bit Operating System.


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IT IS a 64 bit system.


Noob Whisperer

That should do it. It's the direct link to Toshiba's 64 bit driver package including Pro Set and Driver.
Download it and run it. It looks to be a self extracting executable. Restart afterwards even it doesn't suggest doing so.

I'm in the middle of installing it...THEY ARE ASKING ME if I want to:
Repair or


Noob Whisperer
Why don't you first click "Remove" and then run it again and the install should work cleanly.
Just on the off chance there is some irreparable corruption

Ok...I'm concerned that if I REMOVE the program <just overthinking things?> how will I get on the internet to download the program again? I'm so afraid if this doesn't work, I'll be totally without WIFI?


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Well first of all, if you've already downloaded the program, then you should have saved it to a location where it is safe and you know where it is at, so re-downloading it again would be unnecessary.
So perhaps you might want to check and confirm that first of all you chose download and save during the process and then examine the location of the file so you know where it is at. If you chose "Run" then it'll be very hard to find somewhere among your temporary internet files.
And second, you do have a wired cable connection which I would think you could employ should things get desperate. All it requires is a Cat5 or better cable and reasonable physical proximity to your Router / Switch.

Ok...I will have to try to redownload and SAVE <I did select RUN the first time around> The modem is actually in a precarious spot WAY UP on a closet so it would very tricky hooking up to it. I'm trying soooo hard to do all this myself so I don't need the GEEK SQUAD or similar help. I very much appreciate you taking the time to talk me thru this.


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I very much appreciate you taking the time to talk me thru this.
No problem at all.... It's
sorta why we're here.
Good luck.

In addition to the help here, right clicking on the Intel centrino wireless adapter, selecting properties. Then look for advanced tab and uncheck the option that allows windows or computer to switch off the device to save power

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