9/11-style terror plotter jailed for 30 years


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British Airways computer expert Rajib Karim has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for plotting to commit a terror attack by planting a bomb on an aeroplane.

Karim, 31, had access to Heathrow Airport and wanted to use his position to plant a bomb on a plane.

The plan was hatched with conspirator Anwar Al-Awlaki, a notorious radical preacher associated with al-Qaeda.

One of the numerous plots that Karim had planned involved exploiting industrial action by staff at BA to pose as a cabin crew member and place an explosive on a US-bound flight.

Speaking at his sentencing at Woolwich Crown Court, judge Mr Justice Calvert-Smith said Karim’s action were 'of the utmost gravity’.

The judge recommended that he be deported immediately after completing his time in jail.

Karim was found guilty of four counts of planning terrorism last month.

Mr Smith told him that he ‘worked incessantly to further terrorist purposes’ while leading a reclusive life.

He added: ‘You are and were a committed jihadist who understood his duty to his religion involves fighting and, God willing, dying and then being rewarded in the afterlife.’

The judge acknowledged that Karim appeared to be more of ‘a follower than a leader’, but said: ‘I have to sentence on the basis that he meant what he said.’

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