95%of being a tech on a help forum is Goggle IMHO!

Hi I have registered on several help forums. I enjoy learning from others and then passing that forward.
A lot of the issues that are posted on help forums I have personally witnessed; but a lot of the issues, I go to Google for answers. There's a good chance that there are several other computer users that have had those same issues. I find the best answers and attach them to my replies. I have my favorite sites that I recommend. HTG is one of my favorites. There is no way IMHO that any tech has all the answers to PC issues these days and they probably won't have the right solution the first time to every problem. My idea of a good tech is one that keeps trying to help the OP with their problem.
These are my thoughts on The Water Cooler! What are your thoughts?
This is a great forum for learning and helping!
Thanks Mike!

I'm here to learn and pass forward what have I learned from others on other help forums.
What you see is what you get. I'm a old country boy trying to make a difference here on your forum. I'm
trying very hard to make a good hand here on Windows forum!
Thanks whoosh for your like!

Sorry friends, but I do not understand computers users asking for help and posting on help forums with issues; and then never replying back after a member has suggested possible solutions to their issues. We are all here to offer our help for free here and are not paid. We do this because we care, and want to pay back things we have learned from others. Is it really that hard to post back and say thanks or I tried your suggestion and it didn't work. To me that is just being a neighbor!;)
Think about it my friend!

Sorry Mike! I'm just saying things that any member on any help forum; that has tried to help other member ,would like to say this.
If someone has helped you, say thanks. If you need further help; ask for it. It makes us feel good to feel like we have helped.;) If we didn't get it right the first time, give us another chance! Maybe we will get it right the next time.:)
Good night!


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I think there are many forums and answer groups that provide assistance and answers. Everyone has their preferences. I certainly use Reddit and browse many other forums as well.

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