9800GT Card Crash

Sorry guys if this has been posted before.

I currently have a Nvidia Geforce 6600GT and want to upgrade to a newer card to play BFBC2 and Cysis, ect. I have been given a Nvidia Geforce 9800GT and installed it in my computer. I have the latest drivers and have reinstalled the drivers many times and rolled them back many times, I'am useing the 6 pin PCI-e power cable from my psu but am having BSOD's and the screen goes funny colours and the computer freezes. So I have to restart it. I happens all the time.:frown:

Hey there.

You can navigate to C:\Windows\Minidump

Copy the files in there to any other folder, then zip them. Attach the zip to a post using the paperclip above where you type, in advanced mode reply. We'll take a look at it.

Don't have that directory or I can't find that file, Crash dump isn't inabled in Avanced settings > Startup and Recovery. Do I need to enable it. oh I'am using Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.

Yes, enable the small memory dump.

For now, you can try using Driver Sweeper in safe mode, from Guru3d.com, to clear all NVIDIA video drivers/settings/files. Reboot and install the latest driver from here:


If you post the crash(es), we'll know more about what to do.

Crash dump is enabled, letting the system crash the gonna get onto remote desktop with my laptop as the system only crashers when the display is being used. and get the Dump file

I've tried to upload the dump file compressed but it is still way too big to upload over my internet it needs to be smaller than 5MB. how to get it this small its 50MB? Tried gettin rid of the old drivers and any of their files and installed the latest driver that I have, and reseated the card, there is no more BSOD's at start up. but the screen still goes funny colors and goes blank here and there and freezes. Checked event viewer and it has errors relating to video card. I checked the reliability history and it says theirs video hardware errors and below that it says windows didn't shut down correctly from when I forced restarted it. put the Geforce 6600GT back in with it's drivers and all works good. the 9800GT card temps are around 85 degrees on idle.

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Here are some pictures of the 9800GT card this is what we are working on the fan isn't broken last time I check, it's not broken as you can see. Fan working when was in my pc a while ago.


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Two possibilities spring immediately to mind:

1) Have you given any thought to why the original owner was giving this card away?
You wouldn't be the first person to inherit someone else's troubles.

2) Are you sure your power supply is up to the task?
Those cards are pretty juice hungry, much more than older NVidia offerings.

Personally... I'd put my money on #1.

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My GT9800 card died earlier this year. I learned after the fact that there had been a driver released that caused problems with fan which led to the cards failing because of excess heat. Was the card working when they removed it or did they have problems? I think some of the earlier cards in that model were more trouble prone also.

Seems to my knowledge and personal exsperince after debuging many *.dmp files and research through the internet and of my own testing that its an issue with nvida's software as i am currently running:

Windows 7 Ultimate on a
Asus P5q Pro board
Intel Q6600 2.4ghz
4gigs ddr2 crosshair xms2
XFX 9800gt 512 ddr2
750 watt Crosshair psu
1TB WD Caviar Black Edition

All bios settings are correct no under or over volting or over clocking. Not that it should be an issue!
Ran Windows 7 32x for several months with no crashes(literally) NONE! after only 2-3 hrs of having 64x installed got a crash and the last thing I installed was Video drivers and software (windows own drivers where already installed). Debuged *.dmp file and sure enough it was an issue with one of the nvida files. Removed nvida software and drivers restarted let windows install basic drivers and now work fine been running for 3 days no crashes.

Debug file said it was "Probably caused by : nvlddmkm.sys ( nvlddmkm+a3e50 )"

Update: open mouth and insert foot...maybe..may have found another solution. Will report if it works! Here is link to solution
NVIDIA Forums > nvidia display driver nvlddmkm.sys has stopped...

Hope this helps!

Related issues here:
nvlddmkm.sys error code w/ BSOD on 8800 GTX!
nVidia BSOD nvlddmkm.sys - Vista Hardware Devices

Hope ok to post links in forum.

As far as I can tell and from what the owner told me, It was working and he got rid of it because he bought it off Ebay and he found out that his PSU couldn't handle it as it didn't have the required connector. But a 4 pin molex to 6 pin PCI-e cable was included. also he said his PSU was only 400W so he was getting a Nvidia GTX480.

I only built my gaming PC this year so it is recent and has a 750W PSU with all the modern connectors.

Would it be better to throw this thing out and buy a Nvidia GTX460 video card how good are they? I only need it for light gaming (not like I play 24/7) but when I do it is mostly on weekends and when I go to lan Parties).

After watching a friend try for 6 weeks to get a network card to work only to find out it had been dead from day one my answer to those kinds of quesitons is this:

If you cannot get it stabilized with drivers and software, it's a hardware problem, replace the card.

The actual card might be just fine but if the drivers are all screwed up (like that never happens!) it's as good as broken.

got a new GTX460 1GB 256bit card, works great. I tossed the 9800GT to solve future problems so I'am not tempted to make the mistake of using it in another PC and giving me more of the same problems. put the 6600GT back in my old PC that I bought and upgraded in 2008. I learnt DO NOT ACCEPT things from others, including freinds expessially when they bought it off ebay. good news I didn't have to buy it, My freind did and he lost and had all the same problems.

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