A couple issues with my P1100.


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It seems I can't use any display resolution higher than 1600x1200 nor a refresh above 85Hz on my p1100, which should support the following and more:

2048x1536------60Hz (Unlocked via custom .inf)

yet I only get up to 1920x1440@60Hz and the rest hit an 85Hz Cap. the 1920x1440 resolution just switches back to 1600x1200, anyway.

now this isn't too big a deal, I mean, it's a 21" CRT, and 2048x1536 is a rare resolution, considering that everyone uses LCD.

but in XP, I can use "show resolutions not reported by display" and use the higher resolutions and refreshes, but in Win7, it just reverts to 1600x1200@85Hz.

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